All Akimaru Rods are HEXA Bamboo ferrule rod

◎All rods are semi-hollow build which is dam type internal taper design from batt to top with HEXA bamboo ferrules.

What is HEXA bamboo ferrule?
The joint part of the metal pipe ferrule of the conventional bamboo rod does not physically bend.
Even if the blank is bent, the joint is always straight.
The action will be smoother if this joint part flexes in conjunction with the body blank.
The joint part of HEXA rod developed by Akimaru bends in conjunction with the blank.

・HEXA Bamboo Ferrule joint is a Spigot style
Just insert a regular hexagonal male (tip side) of the same size into the regular hexagonal hole (bat side) designed in the hollow structure.

The male has a regular hexagonal carbon PIN built in, the surface only looks like a bamboo hexagonal bar.
At the tip of the female, a strength of the joint is constituted by a 12mm ~ 15mm wide hexagonal metal check.
And wrap the metal line around the width of 25mm to 30mm below the tip check.
Wrap around the tip check around Unicode (twice the strength of Kevlar).
Furthermore on that silk thread wrapping and coating.
The silk wrapped area is then polished and painted to create a sharp hexagonal edge.

A light and sharp new axis bamboo rod, that is Akimaru's HEXA.

・HEXA Action
Akimaru's HEXA rod is a progressive action.
Progressive action is the action that the point which turns against the load applied to
the rod gradually go down.
From beginner to advanced, it is an action that can be easily casted to anyone.

Rod Speed ​​is the speed of return of rod = speed of swing = thing of casting tempo.
TROUT 7'9" #4 is set to Medium, and how much difference is given to the action, plus and minus.

When ordering, we will do a fine adjustment meeting of action with this table as a guide.

・Bamboo material for HEXA rod
Bamboo material of HEXA rod is super fine Japanese bamboo "WATAKE"
In Kyushu area of ​​Japan, the wild bamboo naturally grows in some mountainous areas where the temperature difference is severe. This temperature differences make bamboo strong and grow amazing flex power. Then Akimaru and bamboo craftsmen carefully select one by one.
After that carefully selected bamboo "WATAKE" is carefully drained by master bamboo craftsmen.

WATAKE has a skin that is much more beautiful and harder than the other MADAKE bamboo used in the general market, and light, supple and stronger.
Bamboo is graded from AAAA = 4 stars to 5 stars (standard is Tonkin bamboo standard),
and Super Grade 6 stars and 7 stars WATAKE.
In ordering, Akimaru recommends the optimum material according to the rod design and budget.

・Finished by F-Oil for HEXA
The edges of the hexagonal bamboo rod blank is very sharp, because this is hexagonal bamboo, it is simple should.
Taking off the hexagonal edge to protect the blank for coatings, and paint thick, it is totally priorities backwards.
Thick paint will change the original beauty and action of Bamboo rod.
The finish of Akimaru is oil finish that rubs the original F-oil over several weeks.
F-oil is ruled up only to the blank surface layer, forming a hard micro protection film.
A sharp hexagonal edge stands still from the bat to the tip top, creating a sharp and supple HEXA action as the tapered design.