1981 AKIMARU BAMBOO RODS Established

1987 AKIMARU Bamboo Rod "Keifu" debuted ("Keifu" means "Streem Breeze" )
   Published "Blow Yamame Wind"

1998 Model "Kodachi" is preserved for peramanent exhibition for F.F.F Fly Fishing Center at Montana
2001 Published "Bamboo Rod Rhapsody"
2002 Model "Rusty" is preserved for permanent exhibition for Tokyo Museum of Fishing
2007 The first solo exhibition at the gallery in Tokyo Ginza. The exhibition is held every year at the Tokyo Gallery
2009 Published "Bamboo rods in my 22 years"
2011 AKIMARU 30th year anniversary
   Participated in "The Bamboo Rod Days" held in Henry's Fork, IDAHO, USA
2012 Released Akimaru original "HEXA Bamboo Ferrule Rod"
2014 Started a exhibition "The Bamboo Rod Builders" at an important Japanese cultural assets "Myonichikan"
2015 Akimaru solo exhibition "The Japanese Artisan Spirit" was held at Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum
   Released collaboration rod with Mr. Tom Morgan "764HEXA Aki & Tom"
2018 803HEXA was experimentally built with Mr. Per Brandin