◎About order
There are no inventory. All products will build by order.
So first step will be let Akimaru know your preference.
After some discussion, your rod will be built by Akimaru.
After you decided what type of rod you like to order, please send Akimaru a order sheet.

E-mail : info@akimaru.jp
or akimaru_bamboorod@yahoo.co.jp

Delivery time will be varied. Usually takes about one year.

・Wiring the amount to Akimaru's bank account.

Payment can be paid in full in 10 days after receiving official order sheet or divided to 2 separate times in your preference.
2 times payment is 50% payment of full price within 10 days when ordering as deposit, remaining 50% by 1 month before completion of rod.

◎When payment is received, Akimaru will start building the your own rod.
After starting to build the rod, it cannot be cancel or a rather major order change.