Akimaru build a bamboo rod just for you.

◎First, please let me know your fishing style.

I will customize the rod based on your information and my 38 years of experience.

What is your favorite fishing style?
Mainly Dry fly fishing? Do nymphs or wet fly fishing?

●What is your favorite action for your rod?

●What weight of lines your use the most?
What is your main leader system? (Length for total leader system, what size of leaders)

●What sizes of flies you use mainly?

●What is the casting distance you fish mainly?

Please let me know above 5 questions. Akimaru will build a rod just for you based on those answers.

◎Let's fish together!

If I could have chance to fish together, I will have more understanding of your fishing preference or style.
Every June, Akimaru will be at Henry's Fork in Idaho for 2 weeks as well as in Japan.
Also once in a while, Akimaru pays a visit to Catskill area and other NY area.
I will have more clear idea for building a rod for client if I could fish together.

Let's fish!

●About Akimaru Bamboo Rods

Akimaru bamboo Rods are individually hand build by Shuichi Akimaru who has been fishing avidly in Japan and States last 47 years and has 38 years and 700 hundreds rod building experience.

After completing a new rod, the new rod will be tested on actual fishing site then afterword, correct or adjust a part or rebuild.
Few rods took more than 5 years to complete.
Akimaru rods are forged and evolved based on actual fight with fish at the fields and opinions from clients.
Main target for Akimaru rods are trout and based on dry fly fishing.
Akimaru's specialty rods are 6ft and plus length and 7ft and plus length for 3 or 4wt. And 8ft and plus length for 4 and 5wt for rather large trout.

Basic actions are progressive. From tip action, medium and medium slow action etc.

Building philosophy is based on my fishing style.
Your rod should be based on your fishing style. I believe that is the most important matter.
So first step will be letting me know your preference and other information to Akimaru.
Then we can discuss rod design based on the river you fish and your style of your fishing.