Origin of Akimaru bamboo rod, Japanese YAMAME and IWANA fishing.
It is a light mountain stream fishing with 3wt and 4wt light line mainly.
We recommend this 3wt / 4wt rods series also for Trout fishing at Long Island New York for rather small size trouts.

・for Small size trout 8" ~ 13"



Akimaru goes to the Henry's Fork in the state every year since 1986 for own joy to catch large trout with testing new rods.
This 4wt series trained with actual fishing at Henry's Fork well-known "Match the Hatch".
It is a light and sharp bamboo rod for trout. It is absolutely recommended for Hokkaido trip and over 20 inch trout fishing in the States.

・for Large trout 14" ~ 23"


◎Ranker size TROUT
This Ranker TROUT series is recommended for catching over 60cm trout.
In the strong winds, it has power to cast both # 8 large fly and heavy nymph.
Let's land over 60 cm trout with 3x or 4x tippet.

・for 20"~ 24"over trout

Y=YAMAME, T=TROUT, M=Medium, MS=Medium Slow, MF=Medium Fast
/ G bends the rod with the weight of Tip, / E gently reduces Rod Weight compared to G, and Action becomes closer to Tip.


◎HEXA Standard MODEL Price
2-tips MODEL $4000
1-tip MODEL $2800
*3pc, add $600
*Rattan Grip (THE CLASSIC MODELS), add $480

◎Standard Rod Component
SNAKE BRAND Snake Guides & Top Guide Hard Chrome Guide
Wood Spacer (strictly selected woods) + Nickel silver Ring & Cap (down or up lock + end cap)
Ferrule cap Candle Wax Gripper Aluminum tube with leather cap Rod socks

●HEXA High grade MODEL
for TOKYO Exhibition

Collaboration Rod
"Aki & Tom"