◎Bamboo Flamed Landing Net

Bamboo flamed landing net. Same bamboo materials from WATAKE(Japanese bamboo) rods.
Combination of WATAKE and grip material (strictly selected Japanese woods) will make imagine a Japanese traditional beauty of tea ceremony.
Available 2 standard sizes for Yamame and trout. Also available for custom sizes.
Currently no stock.
Start to build after received orders. Delivery date will be 4-5 months after the shortest.

◎WATAKE Bamboo Flamed Landing Net Price
・YAMAME : size 161/2" x 61/4" x 11" : $800
・TROUT : size 20" x 8" x 16" : $850
・Special Type Size Free : $1100 ~

●HEXA Standard MODEL

●HEXA High grade MODEL
for TOKYO Exhibition

Collaboration Rod
"Aki & Tom"